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Aspiring Author. Deviant of Many Talents.


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About the Author, Rita Dinis.

Rita Dinis, pseudonym of Ana Luisa R.P.de Oliveira, launched her first book – Isoforma – in 2011, part of a Vampire Series originally written in her native language: Portuguese.  

The second book is currently being written and she has several plans for upcoming series, both in Portuguese/English.

Currently she has several stories published in horror/terror anthologies. Writing short-stories is one of her addictions, along with killing zombies and mutants with a rifle gun on Wii.

She is a biologist and an M.D.: Medicine and writing edgy fiction are her passions; for her, writing comes as naturally as a mushroom growing by the roadside. She currently lives and works as an M.D. in Southern Portugal, in her home city, with her family.




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